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M A Metal location mapQ: What does M A Metal stand for?
A: In 1946, Larry Quick founded Midwest Art Metal. The name was changed to M A Metal in 1992 following a change in ownership and management.

Q: What certifications does M A Metal hold?
A: M A Metal holds an ISO 9001 certification issued by TUV Management Service.

Q: What is M A Metal’s relationship with its sister companies?
A: The owner of M A Metal also owns its sister company, Hoosier Tool & Die. By exchanging resources and capabilities, each company can provide more flexible and comprehensive services.

Q: Is M A Metal a union shop?
A: No.

Q: What hours does your plant operate?
A: Our 80,000 square foot facility generally operates two shifts from 7 a.m. to midnight, giving us the flexibility to add a third shift during times of high demand.

Q: How do you measure on-time deliver?
A: We measure on-time deliver weekly for all of our customers, and we always strive for 100%.

Q: What is your geographic range for parts delivery?
A: M A Metal is centrally located in Edinburgh, Ind., just 30 miles south of Indianapolis. We are strategically positioned for next-day delivery to a variety of cities, including Detroit, Chicago, Peoria, Ill., Minneapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Louisville, St. Louis and Milwaukee. We’ve also shipped products to customers as far away as Canada and Mexico. Just-in-time delivery also is available within a 300 mile radius of Edinburgh, Ind.

Q: Does M A Metal import parts?
A: No, all of our parts are American made.

Q: I’ve heard about a lot of automotive plants closing. As a tier two supplier to the automotive industry, does that also put M A Metal at risk?
A: M A Metal has a solid base of customers across a wide variety of industries. We also provide metal stamping and forming services for:

  • Engine components
  • Home and office products
  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Automotive parts
  • Electrical devices
  • Communications components
  • Aero space parts
  • And more