CNC Machining

Whether you need a one-off specialty item or ongoing high-volume production requirements, M A Metal can meet your needs. Through our sister company, HTD, we offer Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining processes for precision metal components and parts. Plus, our on-site access to expert tooling maintenance provides additional assurance of high-quality, on-time stamping and forming jobs.

  • Production and inventory of low to high volume machined and stamped parts.
  • Expert matching of design, materials and built-in maintenance features to part volume.
  • On-staff design engineer to evaluate and quote tools, giving you the best overall price per piece.
  • Also providing quick turnaround times for metal stamping dies, prototype parts, special tooling, jigs, fixtures, gauges, weldments and small lot production runs.

Download Equipment Specifications [PDF]

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