Terms and Conditions

1. Suppliers may be visited and audited by M A Metal, Inc. and/or its Customers.

2. Material certifications must be forwarded to M A Metal, Inc. upon shipment of the material.

3. Material analysis results must be forwarded to M A Metal, Inc. upon request, and must be included with 1st shipment, as required by the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

4. M A Metal, Inc. must be notified immediately of any changes that would alter the material or part from what was originally contracted. For example, dimensions, hardness and material or chemical analysis characteristics must be within range of the original material specifications.

5. Manufacturing suppliers must submit a Material Certification Testing Laboratory Accreditation to M A Metal, Inc. initially and upon contract renewal. Distribution suppliers must ensure that the manufacturer’s Material Certification Testing Laboratory Accreditation is current and in-place. A copy of the Accreditation document must be made available to M A Metal, Inc. when requested.

6. Suppliers must respond to corrective action requests for quality and delivery within five (5) business days of when M A Metal, Inc. issues the request; short term preventive action responses and containment shall occur within thirty (30) days for completion of the required actions.

7. Suppliers to M A Metal, Inc. may be evaluated for quality and delivery performance monthly, quarterly and/or annually.

8. Unless specifically excluded in the M A Metal, Inc. Purchase Order, suppliers to M A Metal, Inc. shall be third-party registered to TS 16949 or ISO 9001:2008 by an accredited third-party certification body. Supplier’s current Registration Certificate must be on file at M A Metal, Inc.

9. For suppliers submitting finished or semi-finished products and/or contracted services such as heat treating, coating, grinding, etc., a PPAP may be required. The PPAP documentation will be reviewed and approved by M A Metal, then sent with M A Metal, Inc.’s PPAP to the end Customer for final approval.

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